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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This time of year I typically think about fireflies, or lightning bugs as they call them around here. Summer is coming to a close, kids are strapping on backpacks filled with brand new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils (or ipads with a fancy cartoon-inspired stylus), but the weather is still warm. It's getting dark before bedtime so we can enjoy a cool drink on the porch, watching the fireflies.

 It's been so dreary and rainy this year that it's hard to enjoy any time outside, much less watch fireflies from the back porch. So, if you're missing the fireflies like I am, take some inspiration from one of my neighbors on Country Club Drive. I noticed this last December (and planned to write about it in January...whoops). I had driven by at night and noticed what looked like fireflies in the front yard in the middle of winter. On a walk, I had some time to investigate how they achieved this effect. This is the view from the sidewalk:

As I looked closer I noticed that these were upcycled solar lights for along a sidewalk path. They anchored all of them in the same spot with translucent fish line hooked them over the branches of a large tree. If you have kids or free-ranging pets, you might opt for a slightly different set up.

When I zoomed in a little more with my camera, I realized that the top and the light inside were from the sidewalk lights, but the bottoms appear to be handblown glass. Very cool, indeed.

Now, I look forward to my off-season fireflies as much as the real ones!

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