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This blog is dedicated to all those looking to deepen their green--whether you are making a commitment to a greener lifestyle and need help taking the first steps or whether you're already a practicing tree hugger who is looking for practical advice on what steps to take next. Over the years, I've heard all the good intentions and all the excuses. I've also seen my fellow environmentalists sabotage the good intentions of others. I am making a commitment to you, dear reader, wherever you fall on the spectrum, to help you take the next steps to fulfilling your commitment to the earth, to your health, and to your well-being. Stay tuned for articles and interviews.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Your moment of zen...a bee movie

I haven't forgotten my 2 readers, I've been a little busy with family duties (aging parent with surgery). I've been dutifully adding "supers" for the hive in the garden at work and I've been slowly composing that post I promised you.  In the meantime, enjoy this footage of one of our hard working ladies pollinating a squash blossom:

You can stop after 2 minutes....it's really just more of the same...but if you need more zen, by all means, watch to the end...

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